A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


A simple, challenging physics-based platformer. Avoid lava and get checkpoints! Get to the finish! Try not to get pinned! Enjoy 3 different modes and 105 levels!


Arrow keys and Enter to navigate menu. WASD or arrow keys to move in-game.


Install instructions

If you download the windows executable, the executable will be called "Don't Get Pinned." If for some reason it doesn't work, please try the Flash Executable.


Windows Executable (4 MB)
Flash Executable (703 kB)


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It doesn't work on mac, just says no executable

I'm sorry about that. I didn't properly test the game with Mac. I compiled an HTML5 version though, so you should be able to play it here: http://zackseliger.com/DGP/dont-get-pinned.html

It's a really fun game, it's definitely something I'll play in my free time.

Great game! I honestly enjoyed 'endless' mode more then anything, the story levels were quite easy so i only played a few of them.
Endless was extremely difficult and the pinner are SOOOO good at pinning you down!
Here's my little lets play if you're interested!: